sebastian sadowski
I'm a Berlin-based designer who is interested in information aesthetics,
interactive visualization, experimental and innovative interfaces.


Edenspiekermann, 2014
UI/UX Designer
IXDS, 2013
UI/UX Designer
AppGestalt, 2012
Co-founder, UX Designer
Studio Nand, 2012
Interaction Designer
Fraunhofer HHI, 2011
UX Designer
Freelance Designer, 2006 — Now
UX, Interaction Designer


Weave Magazine, Mar 2014
Article about my papers
Infosthetics, Nov 2013
Article about vis "The European Erasmus Network"
Popular Science, Jul 2013
Article about vis "Fireball from Outer Space"
The Huffington Post, Jul 2013
Article about vis "Google censored"
t3n, Jun 2013
Interview about
Weave Magazine, Dec 2012
Interview about
The Creators Project, Apr 2012
Article about Project Radiator

Upcoming Talks

re:publica, 6.05.2014 Typo Berlin, 16.05.2014

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